How Much Social Networking is Enough?

I have to admit, this post is aimed at other writers, artists, or anyone who needs to establish a presence on the web in order to sell something. However, you never know when you’ll need an extra 10,000 Twitter followers, so feel free to chime in.

It seems like every other day I hear people saying, you’ve got to be on twitter, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on Google+, have a website, write a blog, etc., etc., etc.… as the King of Siam would say. And there are all the groups associated with whatever your specialty is. In my case, writer’s websites, forums, and discussions I should join, blogs I should follow, and blogs I should blog on.

I recently created a Google+ page and invited a fellow writer to join one of my“circles,” as Google calls them. This talented woman is on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, keeps up a website and blogs. She is multitalented and has worked hard to create a presence for herself on the web. Anyway, she received my Google+ invite and immediately wrote back wondering if I had a compelling reason for her to set up an account. As she stated, “It’s time-consuming for me to do Facebook & Twitter & blog etc. etc. So I thought I’d ask why you like this Circles thing & why you think I should join.”

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how to respond. The truth, it’s a big wild web out there and I’m still learning out to negotiate it. Below are few thoughts and a few questions I thought I’d throw out for your personal pondering. I’d love to hear your thoughts in return. Here goes…

  • Like any effort, I accept that starting out, while building my presence, the time and effort will be greater.
  • Should I focus on building two or three really good followings–or do I need more?
  • Is there a manual out there that can tell me step by step what I need to do to be successful?
  • Finally, how much time should I expect to devote to keeping up this social presence as the years go by?

Of course there are so many other elements that go into this question; such as, what type of return am I looking for: a New York Times bestseller status or something more modest? Let’s keep it simple. What should one person/one artist be doing to develop a reasonably successful web presence? What are your thoughts? Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by it all. Are you?


To Do Lists

Sometimes in order to be creative, I have to be practical. Today is one of those days. I can go for weeks (sometimes months) doing the minimum amount of housework. In fact, if the result of sitting on my rear end in front of the computer all day wasn’t directly related to how tight my jeans fit, I wouldn’t even exercise. But alas, there is a world beyond my blog, my novel, my Facebook and my twitter page—and after months of being ignored, I have to acknowledge it. In fact, I can no longer summon up even an ounce of creativity, until I finish painting the bathroom. Then it’s on to finishing the decorating in the guest room (which means shopping—ugh!) and (sigh) cleaning the house.

Hummm, maybe the reason I can’t write is because I can’t see through all the dust?

—Hence, the brevity of this post!

What keeps you from being creative? Let me know. I’ll be back Thursday, clean, mean, and ready to go!

P.S. By the way, Tina, the winner of the First ever Give A Little Love contest, has already had some additional good luck. She just got offered a contract to write six more books! Woo Who Tina—pass it on!

Multitasking But Going Nowhere

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As I lay in bed contemplating the next day’s post, it suddenly occurs to me: We are so busy trying to keep up with technology we no longer have time for warm-blooded, real live relationships.

  • I roll out of bed; I check my email (delete, delete, delete) and get coffee
  • I blog, I tweet, I post on Facebook
  • I log on, I link(ed)in, and I Diggit
  • I look at Facebook and I check to see if anyone has responded to my blog or retweeted my tweet

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Social Networking or Stalking?

First it was email, then my website, then Facebook, Twitter and now blogging. I’m a solitary person. I studied acting, but I love writing because it allows me to be creative and alone.

Or does it?

  • I see you!

    Or should I describe it as spying with a high-powered, rose-colored lens, for it’s like reality TV—except exactly the opposite. Reality TV draws us in by showing us the worst, while on Facebook we are privy to only the best of our friend’s lives. It’s like receiving the proverbial Christmas letter, only every single day! Don’t agree with me, check this out:, look what they’re doing!

  • Oh, looks like they’re on vacation again.
  • Isn’t that cute, they got a new dog!

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