Versatile Inspiration

I’m always looking for inspiration. Sometimes I’m sniffing, feeling and listening for it too. To put it another way, I’m always trying to get a sense of what I want to write about next. For the next month or so, however, I need look no further than the contract I’ve signed for a series of educational books. Not exactly, science fiction…but writing, nonetheless. (And, oddly, fun at times.) Better yet, they’re paying me for it!

($$ + Books = Happy Writer) 

The point is, while I do have a “Next” novel project in mind, I have little time to think about it. I have even less time to think about my next blog post and wouldn’t you know it, my Twitter and Writer friend, Pauline Baird Jones, just awarded me The Versatile Blogger’s award.

Dear me… I don’t feel versatile at all right now!

So, to motivate me and to motivate you, I want to quickly share one of the most visually stimulating and inspiring websites I  follow: (A note here, not everything on this website is appropriate for children).

According the website’s creators, who were born in Brazil, Chic means “stylish or smart, as an element of art, fashion and design,” while Quero means to “like, want; will, desire; love; list”. The photos and art on their blog definitely live up to all these descriptions.

Click on the pictures below (and the one up above!) to check out a few of my favorite posts. And bloggers, be on the lookout…I’ll be awarding The Versatile Blogger’s award to a few of you quite soon!

Thanks Pauline! (P.S. I’m halfway through reading your novel, The Key, and loving it!)


It’s Freebie Friday, except…it’s Wednesday

I wanted to run a freebie friday promotion to promote my new YA, Scifi Adventure novel, WHEELS, but family calls and I’ll be deep in the South, eating lots of fried food and visiting with my daughter. Soooo, Freebie Friday is coming to you two days early. Kind of like Christmas in July.

Happy Freebie Day–Ho, ho, ho!

To download your free eBook (Kindle) copy of WHEELS (That’s a mouth full) just click on the little book (or go to: Also free, I believe, if you have the iPad Kindle app. Enjoy 🙂

P.S. A few of you have mentioned wanting a traditional, paper bound copy of WHEELS. Don’t worry, it’s coming soon.

How Much Social Networking is Enough?

I have to admit, this post is aimed at other writers, artists, or anyone who needs to establish a presence on the web in order to sell something. However, you never know when you’ll need an extra 10,000 Twitter followers, so feel free to chime in.

It seems like every other day I hear people saying, you’ve got to be on twitter, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on Google+, have a website, write a blog, etc., etc., etc.… as the King of Siam would say. And there are all the groups associated with whatever your specialty is. In my case, writer’s websites, forums, and discussions I should join, blogs I should follow, and blogs I should blog on.

I recently created a Google+ page and invited a fellow writer to join one of my“circles,” as Google calls them. This talented woman is on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, keeps up a website and blogs. She is multitalented and has worked hard to create a presence for herself on the web. Anyway, she received my Google+ invite and immediately wrote back wondering if I had a compelling reason for her to set up an account. As she stated, “It’s time-consuming for me to do Facebook & Twitter & blog etc. etc. So I thought I’d ask why you like this Circles thing & why you think I should join.”

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how to respond. The truth, it’s a big wild web out there and I’m still learning out to negotiate it. Below are few thoughts and a few questions I thought I’d throw out for your personal pondering. I’d love to hear your thoughts in return. Here goes…

  • Like any effort, I accept that starting out, while building my presence, the time and effort will be greater.
  • Should I focus on building two or three really good followings–or do I need more?
  • Is there a manual out there that can tell me step by step what I need to do to be successful?
  • Finally, how much time should I expect to devote to keeping up this social presence as the years go by?

Of course there are so many other elements that go into this question; such as, what type of return am I looking for: a New York Times bestseller status or something more modest? Let’s keep it simple. What should one person/one artist be doing to develop a reasonably successful web presence? What are your thoughts? Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by it all. Are you?