Inspiring Spaces

Despite lofty–well intentioned–aspirations made back in February, I’ve been more remiss about posting this year than ever. I do have an excuse, however. I few, rather large, life-changing projects fell into my lap recently, so what time I have to devote to writing has been spent working on my novel.

But today, inspired by something I saw on Pinterest, I’m taking time out to create a quickie post. Below is picture of my office… my sanctuary… my cave. The place where inspiration lives and strikes and finds it’s way, finally, onto paper.My office

Click here to see the Pinterest post which inspired me. Now tell me, where do you go for inspiration?


6 thoughts on “Inspiring Spaces

  1. Lottie Nevin says:

    Ah, you are a fan of Ganesha too! My husband, Pete, is also fond of Pinterest. He finds lots to inspire him on there, mainly things to do with design. There are several artists who inspire me and I’m mad about book illustration. It sounds corny, but nature is probably what inspires me most.

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    • LJ Metz says:

      Yes, for some reason Ganesha speaks to me. Elephants are wise and gentle creatures, so I feel honored. Walking in the woods or driving cross country tend to help me focus my creative thoughts, but when writing them down I need to be in my office. I wish I could be like a good friend of mine who seems to be able to write and concentrate anywhere.


  2. Denise Thornton says:

    I have always had my best ideas while walking. When I lived in Libertyville, I used to do some of my best brainstorming at Lakewood Park. Now I’m lucky enough to have trails around our 44 acres. The challenge is to not get too sidetracked in thinking about projects to restore the environment.
    And the medical wisdom is that we need to get off our butts, but writing can be so sedentary. I’m learning to use my macbook in many places.

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    • LJ Metz says:

      44 acres sounds marvelous! I love to walk (and imagine) in the woods. And you’re right, writing is horrible for my back and my butt. T-Metz try to make at least one yoga class a day, and I also try to get out and take Henry for a long walk.


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