BunnytypingYou don’t need to say it. I know—my blog looks different. One day it was all bluish and purpley, lots of stars and planets, and now it’s all pinkish and gray speckles.

Yet the bunnies remain the same. The bunnies will always remain…

So what’s up? Well, as Reed Smoot, a senator from Utah once said:

“I have nothing to say.”

Gotta love that quote! It pretty much sums up my attitude toward blogging for all of 2014. But it’s a new year and a new—okay, not a new me. Which brings me to another quote, from another famous person:

“Don’t reinvent the wheel, just realign it.”
–Anthony J. D’Angelo

Exactly what I intend to do.  I still don’t have a lot to say…but I intend to find it. To realign

“to change one’s position or attitude with regard to…”

—rather than totally reinvent myself. Because I realized that since I began blogging back in 2011 (under the blog name, Searching4Meaning) my goal has remained the same: to post on a regular basis. What’s changed, however, is my motivation.

Motivation: Explore thoughts, questions and beliefs about the world around me.

Middle to End of 2012
Motivation: Share my writer’s journey. Review YA books

Motivation: Explore thoughts, questions and beliefs
as they concern me, Lj Metz, the writer.

To put it in Dr. Who terms: Same Blogger (same bunnies) only different.upsidedownbunny

“Legs! I’ve still got legs! Good. Arms. Hands.
Oo! Fingers. Lots of fingers. Ears. Yes. Eyes two. Nose.
And I’ve had worse. Chin. Blimey. Hair. I’m a girl.
No no. I’m not a girl. And still not ginger. Something important!
I’m- I’m- crashing! Ha ha! Geronimo!”
—Dr. Who, “The End of Time” (Part Two)

Regeneration complete. See you next time.


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