100 Days, What Will You Do With Them?

An acquaintance of mine recently took up the challenge to blog every day for the next 100 days. After reading her post announcing this commitment, I have to admit to having rolled my eyes and muttered, “we shall see.”

We shall see…

I imagined her posting regularly for several days, maybe a week, maybe two, and then reality would set in. This is work. This is boring. I have nothing to say. 100 days in a row, good grief, what was I thinking… and the posts would begin to taper off. A post here, a reposting there, and finally, missing entire months at a time.

I have better things to do! I imagined her thinking.

Honestly, who is so interesting as to have something worthwhile to share on a daily basis?

Not me

Maxine Attong

Maxine Attong – You Go Girl!

Yet, it is day 45 and this woman is not only going strong, but her posts have gotten better. More interesting. I open my email each morning wondering what new adventure or personal insight Maxine will share with me today.

The truth is—and of course, I should have realized this—Maxine, like any good writer, is simply building her writing muscles. It’s just like any exercise, do it every day and you can’t help but become better.

Now, at Maxine’s muscled fingertips, even a slow day becomes something interesting to write about. A post curious minds, such as mine, want to read.

So, here’s something to think about. What could you accomplish if you held yourself accountable for doing it 100 days in a row. Imagine, you might…

  • Finish reading that stack of books on your bedside table
  • Learn a new language
  • Build a six-pack
  • Paint your house
  • Or, who knows, write a novel

What will you do with your next 100 days?



4 thoughts on “100 Days, What Will You Do With Them?

  1. Lisa says:

    Great comments Lorijo. I’m forwarding this to Jacob. He’s been writing daily but only mostly for his own eyes. He always gets good reviews but still fears what others will say. I tell him just write for himself and don’t worry always about what others think. .. within reason of course.


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