Cover of Wheels novel by Lorijo Metz

Four Chances To Win!!!

Two awesome and unexpected things happened to me recently. One, WHEELS was chosen by Amazon’s ACX audible division to be made into an audio book and Two, Ara from the blog, My Book and My Coffee gave WHEELS a 5 Star review.

MyBookandMyCoffeeButton“Christmas came early for me this year – Wheels is an incredible sci-fi adventure novel! And I enjoyed reading it. A lot! It’s just so amazing! Well done, Lorijo. :)” 

So, even though it’s Sci-fi Month, and I already had my blog posts planned, I’m adding a giveaway into the mix to celebrate my good fortune.

In other words, my good fortune could be yours!

To enter, all you have to do is go to my Contact page (or Click Here), enter your email and in the comment section tell me the name of your favorite science fiction or fantasy book. (And don’t forget to click Submit) Do this by midnight (EST) on November 30th and you’ll be entered in the giveaway. I’ll choose four winners (using and here’s what they’ll get:

  • 1st place: An audible, an ebook (mobi or epub) and a signed paperback edition of WHEELS
  • 2nd & 3rd place: An audible and an ebook (mobi or epub) edition of WHEELS
  • 4th place: An audible edition of WHEELS

On December 3rd I’ll email the winners! Good luck 🙂

P.S. On November 13th, check out my interview with Ara on My Book and my Coffee 


8 thoughts on “Four Chances To Win!!!

  1. TimGreaton says:

    Hi, Lorijo. Great news in both regards. Congrats!

    Favorite sci-fi…hmmm.

    First is an absolute easy one: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. I’ve read it at least five times in thirty years. I understand the new movie shortened so many important sequences that it is a complete muddle, but the book is absolute character- and story-genius. Other Ender novels, however, never struck a chord with me. They went from a boy growing through terrible pain and growth to pseudo-religious. Total 180-degree change and terrible, in my view.

    The second on my favorites list is actually a series of five books and is largely politically incorrect. I read them at least three times over twenty years and I found the main character and his challenges both horrifying and fascinating. I was glued from the first to the last page, and though it has been a decade or more since the last read, I might try it again. : Bio of a Space Tyrant by Piers Anthony is the work.

    Best of weeks to you 🙂


    • Lorijo Metz says:

      Thanks, Tim. The best part of this contest is the book recommendations I’m getting from everyone. Ender’s Game was the first eBook I purchased. Maybe because I was not used to the eBook format–what ever the reason–I had a difficult time getting into it. I might need to read it again. I did have a similar experience to yours, however, with Dune by Frank Herbert. The original book, Dune, I thought was brilliant. It’s definitely on my top 10 list for books of any kind. Each succeeding book in the series got worse and worse. I understand the allure of not wanting to leave this wonderful world you’ve created… but Mr. Herbert should have moved one, at the very least, after book 3.

      Now that you told me about it, I’ll have to pickup (download) a copy of Space Tyrant by Piers Anthony. It sounds fun. By the way – I’ve entered you in the contest… even though you didn’t send me your book comment via the contact form. 🙂


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