Puppy Dog Jig

Puppy Dog Jig!

My Fluffy Bunny Side Comes Out To Play!

So, I’m still busy finishing up a new educational book series, still moving and unpacking–STILL not having much time or energy to blog, but I wanted to announce something–something BIG! Well, and kind of cute and sweet and funny… anyway, here goes:

Puppy Dog JigPuppy Dog Jig, a wonderful children’s CD by award winning singer, songwriter Owen Duggan officially releases today. The lyrics to the title track, Puppy Dog Jig, written by me, Lorijo (my fluffy bunny side), were inspired by the very wiggly behavior of my dog, Henry Metz.

If you have little kids, or even if you simply love children’s music (including classics like Puff the Magic Dragon and The Garden Song), head on over to Amazon, iTunes, or wherever music is sold, and pick up your copy today!
(And be sure to check out the awesome cover art by artist, Gail Green!)
Henry Metz

Henry Metz


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