Inspiration in a bottle

PENspirational, MUSEtastic, Talks for Writers – #1

Inspiration in a bottle

This month I’m beginning a weekly series which I  call PENspirational, MUSEtastic, Talks for Writers. Basically, videos  that have inspired me as a writer. Many of these will be TED talks, but not all. (If you haven’t checked out, please do. It’s a wealth of inspiration.)

Truthfully, right now, it is all I can do to share a video or two… as I continue to meet the demands of moving, selling a house, meeting a book series deadline and reading all the manuscript submissions coming into The Purcell Agency. My life, to say the least, is very full!

Anyway, enjoy this video. Andrew Stanton is a writer, actor and producer – a triple threat, to say the least. He worked on Toy Story and WALL-E… among other movies.  He’s also a very entertaining speaker and knows just a bit (A BIG BIT) about story telling 🙂



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