Just Ask!

I’m not sure where the hours have going lately. Packing, selling furniture, multiple showings of our house—not to mention  my new job—have left me a bit loopy. Plus, I’m getting ready to go on the road to visit my daughter in Savannah, GA in a few days. That said, in the spirit of TED (which means, in the spirit of sharing useful information) I’m sharing a recently watch TED presentation by the spouse of one of my favorite authors—non other than Neil Gaiman!

Amanda Palmer is insightful as well as entertaining. Her presentation is short and definitely worth the watch. (And much better than any post I could write, at the moment.) Enjoy!

By the way, my niece Kristan may not have watched this video, but she’s doing exactly what Amanda Palmer preaches and asking for help for her precious little dog. Foxy Lady (her dog, not Kristan) needs another expensive surgery to help save her little doggy leg. If you’d like to help, or just check out Kristan’s request, click on Foxy’s cute little face below:

Foxy Lady



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