Henry Snow Dog

Garlic, lots and lots of Garlic!

Snow Days

Not a good day to lay in the hammock

Where I live, we’re getting lots of snow. Lots and lots of snow! In fact, I just finished my first round of shoveling for the day. What’s more, I didn’t bother to take a shower this morning, because I expect to be outside shoveling or snow blowing at least two or three more times before the day is through.

Luckily, I love snow!

Henry Snow Dog

One of my favorite pictures of Henry, from a snowy evening walk

Snow is a great excuse to get outside, get a little exercise, fresh air and see some of my neighbors. My dog, Henry, loves it too—especially the chance to chase snowballs and make yellow snow.

What I really like about snow days, however, is the warm cozy feeling I get when I come inside. Usually this means fixing myself a cup of hot chocolate, but today I’m going for the garlic!

Lots and lots of garlic!

Garlicky Potatoes and Spaghetti Squash.

The Spaghetti Squash is in the oven

Those of you who have ever had your house up for sale will understand. When potential buyers walk into your house, the scent of garlic is not one of the first… or even the last thing, you when them to notice. However, as most house hunting is done on weekends, and even less is done during snow storms, I’m taking advantage of weather and fixing one of my favorite dishes, Garlicky Potatoes and Spaghetti Squash.

Yum, yum!

After that, I’m hunkering down in front of my computer. In between snow shoveling, I hope to get a little work done on my novel and read a few submissions that have come in to the Purcell Agency.

What’s your favorite way to spend a snowy day?



4 thoughts on “Garlic, lots and lots of Garlic!

  1. Donna Galanti says:

    Honestly, you can never quite have enough garlic! (speaking from one who is married to an Italian). Our winter has not been too snowy in PA but my favorite snowy day involves loads of heavy snow and making a big snowman with my 10 yr old son, then eating lots of popcorn (sans garlic) by the fire and watching Tangled (Love Maximus the horse!). I hope you can get to your hammock soon. 🙂


    • Lorijo Metz says:

      Thanks, Donna. Sorry it took me so long to respond. Was traveling down South, visiting my college kid in Savannah, Georgia. Left 70 degrees and sunny to return to 15 degrees, gray and snowy. Ah well… the hammock will have to wait 🙂


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