Trouble in Twitter Land and other Maladies

I just read two blogs that made me feel a bit better about my own woes this past week. I know, I don’t live in New York or New Jersey, so I shouldn’t be complaining (Though I will be attending the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year, but that’s another post). Also, I shouldn’t feel better because of someone else’s woes…but it do! (Sorry)

Music Man - Trouble

Trouble with a capital “T” and that rhymes with “D” and that stands for…

The first blogger (who happens to be one of my favorite writers) noted on her blog that she was falling woefully short of her NaNoWriMo goals. I too am finding it difficult to meet mine. In fact, I finally decided last night that enough was enough—I’m just not enjoying the journey. I need balance in my life. Now, more than ever, as my husband and I get ready to put our house on the market and move—a huge step for someone who’s lived in one state all her life. Anyway, forcing myself to churn out copious amounts of words when in the back of my mind I have a to-do list a half mile long is, well—it’s screwing with my creativity! So, I’m ditching NaNoWriMo and switching to a writing schedule that demands time, rather than words. Time I can schedule between packing, organizing and cleaning.

The second blogger (and another wonderful writer) announced her blog had been hacked. Sigh…


I need balance!

My blog hasn’t been hacked, but I’ve had twitter troubles up the wazoo. First, my account was suspended. One day, everything’s coming up roses. The next day, Your account has been suspended! Yikes. Why???? The good news is that everything was back to normal four days later. The bad news is that last night I got an email from Twitter saying they’d changed my password because they suspected someone had hacked into my account.

What is it with hackers? What can they hope to gain by hacking into the account of a children’s writer? Honestly—get a hobby! Or, rather, get a new hobby.

That’s it. I’m off for a walk, a little coffee and friend chat, and then back to my desk for a few hours of writing. After that I’ll attack one or two of those household/moving chores I’ve been putting off. Have a great day, and if you see any strange tweets from me (stranger than usual, that is) ignore them.


6 thoughts on “Trouble in Twitter Land and other Maladies

  1. Tina P. Schwartz says:

    Great choice to forgo NaNoWriMo. What’s the fun of it if you’re constantly stressed? ANY month can be a novel writing month… I say wait until January, after the holiday hubbub. Good decision! 🙂 Tina


  2. Lorijo Metz says:

    Thanks, Tina. And you are so write… I mean, right! Personally, I’m looking for a routine that works for me year round. I do have to kill my inner editor… but I can work on that year round too (a slow, painful death).


  3. Tam Linsey says:

    I consider any day I put a few words to the page a success. I’m behind on NaNo, as well, but I hate throwing words onto the page I know I will only throw away later, just to keep my word count up (I edit as I write.) So I may not be a “winner” by NaNo standards in the end, but I will be a winner in my own opinion, just because I participated, wrote every day, and cheered on fellow writers.
    “Rah, rah, go Lorijo! Any writing is great!” See how good I am? 🙂


  4. Bridget Kuhne says:

    Love your writing. I don’t know anything about NaNo, but do remember Mork and Mindi, loved that show.
    I totally understand the wanting to write yet, having a lot of other things that need to be done.
    Lately my heart has been swarmed with words I need to put on paper, it flows as I’m at work, or driving. It is making me crazy because I can’t write it out at the moment it hits me. Then I get home and have many other things to do.

    I read that if writing is your work, one needs to get up and start the day as if they were going to work, dressed and ready for their job. Writing is not my job, but I feel the need to jot my thoughts, I too am trying to balance my time and include writing into my schedule, I find it difficult to devote that time here at home. My eyes see to many things that need to be done. I am learning that some things can wait, so I force myself to let them.

    In reading one of your book interviews you said you had a set schedule for writing, that encouraged me to put aside my own time to write. I am still working on making that happen.

    Love your blog, thanks for sharing your writing thoughts and whatnots. Hugs. B.

    PS. I tried to comment on your nibbles and tea blog but it said page not found. Great set up for tea time. I have a space upstairs in which I write and have often thought about putting a coffee pot up there and a microwave. My coffee gets cold sometimes and low, running downstairs to heat or refill breaks my train of thought. Ok, I’m done. I hope you enjoyed your 25th. Hugs again. B.


    • Lorijo Metz says:

      Hi Bridget. I always enjoy your comments. I was going to do NaNoWriMo this month, then decided the timing wasn’t right. Between our 25th anniversary trip and getting our house ready to put on the market…I decided it was more important to give myself a break and just live, rather than force myself to write. I hope to get into a routine again soon.

      Glad to hear that you’re writing. Any thoughts on starting a blog, or do you have a book in mind? Thanks for letting me know about that link, I’ll check it out. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 🙂


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