A Bump, A Box, A Bark and 3 Days of #Free Books!

A large box arrived on my front porch this morning. The dog heard the thump of the box hitting the cement, and of course, saw this as an excuse to bark his fool head off. I imagine he was saying something along the lines of, “Danger, Will Robinson! Something loud and scary has landed!”

(Although, it’s just as likely he was saying, “Bark bark, bark bark BARK!”)

Regardless… Low and behold, the box was full of paperback copies of my novel, WHEELS! (Not so scary, after allunless you have a paperback phobia.)

Now that the paperbacks are here, and better yet, FOR SALE on Amazon, I’m able to move forward with two important projects.

  1. Mail the giveaway winners their very own paperback copy of WHEELS!
  2. Launch another FREEBIE eBook promotion in celebration!

That’s right, to celebrate the paperback edition of WHEELS, Friday, Sept 28th thru Sunday, Sept 30th, I’m giving away FREE eBook copies on Amazon. Click the picture below to download your copy of the YA, Science Fiction, Adventure reviewers say:

“…is one I know I’ll re-read, which isn’t something I say about a lot of books.” Anna from Pocketful of Books (Book review Blog)

“…is far from your average book.” Kindle Book Review

“… (is) whacky, loads of fun and even has a touch of romance.” Pauline Baird Jones, Author

For those of you who have waited patiently for the paperback… Well, you could PURCHASE a copy, but don’t forget there are still 3 Ways to win one. 



6 thoughts on “A Bump, A Box, A Bark and 3 Days of #Free Books!

  1. Ann Best says:

    Hi, Lorijo. I’m very glad you followed me on Twitter. Though I’m not doing much with it these days, nor with blogging, I continue to support my fellow bloggers who have become my friends and readers of my debut memoir. I also LOVE to read in lots of different genres, and just downloaded yours that you so graciously offered as a promotional free book. I also write reviews of books that I like.

    Having been there myself, I know that your getting those paperback copies of Wheels was a thrilling experience! Do I hear some “barking” from you in the background 🙂


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