SFNetcast: Your Source for Indie Sci-fi on the Web!

SFNetcast.com is your source for Indie Science Fiction on the web.

Just returned from a road trip down south, Savannah, Georgia way! Beautiful weather, gorgeous trees, plus lots of historic places and ghosts (or so they say…). However, it’s what happened  while I was away, via the Internet, that really has me excited.

SFNetcast.com, your source for indie Science Fiction on the web, is featuring me, Lorijo Metz, as their June, Indie Sci-fi author of the month. I’m incredibly honored and, more important, pleased with the nice little review they wrote for WHEELS.

…Lorijo Metz has managed something that, quite frankly, I thought impossible… She got me to read a YA novel from beginning to end. 

Humm…I think that’s good? Anyway, I realize this news is probably more–NO, let’s face it–definitely more exciting for me than it is for you. If so, then here’s a couple more reasons to check out SFNetcast.com:

  1. SFNetcast.com is a great source of links to indie SF/Fantasy series on the web. Personally, I can’t wait to check out more of these links. It’s total fun for a sci-fi geek like me.
  2. WHEELS isn’t the only SF/Fantasy book they’ve reviewed. In a world flush with indie authors, SFNetcast.com is a great source for new, worthwhile, indie SF/Fantasy books.
  3. Love SF/Fantasy comics? SFNetcast.com also provides plenty of links to those.
  4. What the heck–it’s a fun website. Check it out!

Thanks SFNetcast.com! “May the force be with you”, “Live long and prosper”, and… “Hasta La Vista, Baby!”


5 thoughts on “SFNetcast: Your Source for Indie Sci-fi on the Web!

  1. Lorijo Metz says:

    Thanks Pauline! Yep, I checked out the first episode of “The Crew” (I think it was called). It was one of the links. Anyway, I highly recommend it. It’s short and very funny… especially if you’re an old Office fan.


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