Followed By A Scalloped Potato Recipe


About a week ago, I noticed one of my Twitter followers was a scalloped potato recipe. Linda’s scalloped potato recipe, apparently. I don’t know Linda, but I was able to get to know her scalloped potato recipe a little better by clicking on a link to it. I have to admit, if I’m ever in need of a scalloped potato recipe, I may click on that link again. If I can find it. The scalloped potato recipe doesn’t tweet very much. At this posting, 6 tweets to be exact.

Anyway, my first thought was, Why is this scalloped potato recipe following me? Obviously, I’ve underestimated scalloped potatoes and their love of young adult science fiction. Silly me! Scalloped potatoes are the perfect audience for my book. Smothered in all those bland, milky layers of white sauce—of course they’d be searching for a little sci-fi adventure. Or, at least, a few jalapeños tucked in between their layers.

So, 6 lonely little tweets and not even a fancy quiche or a gourmet truffle–just your standard old scalloped potato recipe. A scalloped potato recipe that has OVER 4 TIMES the amount of followers I do! Yes, Really—4 Times! I spent years writing and editing my novel, slaving over every word, begging people to read it (People who, I might add, were very happy they did!), and this saucy little scalloped potato recipe comes along all starchy and buttery, and full of milk and onions, and snags 4 TIMES the amount of followers.

It’s enough to make somebody go au gratin!


Fine, I’m finished ranting. I just hope the scalloped potato recipe has the decency to buy my book because, well, I’m starving and for some reason I’m craving…scalloped potatoes.

Suddenly craving scalloped potatoes? Go to:


5 thoughts on “Followed By A Scalloped Potato Recipe

  1. Allan Woodrow says:

    Honestly, I hate scalloped potatoes. Mom used to make them growing up, sometimes. I dreaded them. That’s not to say I have anything against the recipe following you. I might even start following their Tweets.


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