Johnny Depp Cast As The Next Harry Potter?

American actor Johnny Depp.

He’s even got the glasses. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever watched a movie based on a favorite novel and thought, Yuck, they really got that wrong. (Twilight fans…please, don’t get me started!) Or maybe you just want to recast Harry Potter. Author, Fan, or future Hollywood director—have I got the site for you!

About a week ago, notified me my novel, WHEELS, had been added to their site. That’s cool, I thought. But what is it? I’ll tell you… it’s every author’s daydream.

At, you get to populate your story with your dream cast of Hollywood actors and actresses. Want Johnny Depp to play the part of your hero? On, he’s available. Tired of Johnny, pick Brad Pitt (Angelina can stay home and take care of the kids!).

So, surf on over to, open an account (it’s quick and simple) and start playing God with your favorite characters. Below is my cast for one of my recent reads.


11 thoughts on “Johnny Depp Cast As The Next Harry Potter?

  1. Kathy B says:

    What fun! I’ll check that out – and let my film-making kids know about it, too. Maybe I can cast Johnny Depp in one of my picture books!


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