Summer’s Crossing by Julie Kagawa

Briefly (because I still have that non-fiction deadline looming), I finished Summer’s Crossing by Julie Kagawa, the second book in her Iron Fey series. Actually, it’s more of a book 1.5 in the series, as it’s basically a short story about  Robin Goodfellow, or Puck, and Prince Ash of the Winter Court, two characters who I really like.

I got the feeling that Julie Kagawa likes these characters too and enjoyed writing this story in order to develop their relationship. They are opposites and it’s quite fun to watch, or rather, read their interactions. Anyway, I enjoyed it and highly recommend it if you’re into Iron Fey series, as I am. It’s short but totally worth the ridiculously low price you pay for a Kindle book. Which reminds me…

WHEELS, my YA, Sci-fi Adventure,  is only $2.99 on Amazon. Less than a latte and promised to bring you much longer enjoyment. Check it out at:


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