WHEELS by Lorijo Metz

In honor of the release of my new YA, science fiction adventure, WHEELS, (available in Kindle format through Amazon.com and soon to be available in paperback) I’m holding a little contest.

Writers often talk about songs that inspire their writing. While I need silence to be creative, there is one particular song I can’t help but hear every time I think about a certain chapter in my novel. Or…to put it another way, every time I hear this song (and I like to play it a lot!) I think about a specific chapter in WHEELS. What chapter is this? I’m not going to tell you (‘cuz it’s part of the contest). However, I will tell you the song is Magic Carpet Ride, by Steppenwolf –the Philip Steir remix. Even better, I’m providing a YouTube link below so you can listen to it.

Here’s the contest:

  • Read WHEELS
  • Listen to Magic Carpet Ride (the remix by Philip Steir)
  • Go to the contact page on my website (http://www.lorijometz.com/Contact.html) and send me  your best guess as to which chapter the song goes with.

The first 5 people to correctly guess the chapter will receive an autographed copy of my picture book: Floridius Bloom and the Planet of Gloom, illustrated by non other than Matt Phelan! Woo Who!  It’s great little story (if I do say so myself) and Matt’s illustrations are outstanding.

Good Luck everyone! The contest runs until all 5 books are given away!


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