Something Everyone Should Read

I’ve been busy finishing up some writing projects and getting ready for the holidays. I plan to be back posting later this week, but today I just had to share  something with you. Personally, I believe everyone should read this. Click on the link below…

How Doctors Die


4 thoughts on “Something Everyone Should Read

  1. B. Kuhne says:

    I am glad to see an article on this. I myself will not put my family through the pain of watching me go through medical treatments such as cancer patients do. I hear of so many that get treated, then pass away. My husband would say, “You have to try and not just give up”. I would not be giving up, I would continue living the best I could with the health I have been given. I would weigh my options, do what I can, make changes in my lifestyle if I had to. My faith is in God, my last breath will come when He is ready for me. Thanks for sharing. B.


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