eBooks or Real Books?

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First, let me point out, eBooks are real books. You might not agree—but you’re wrong. Sorry. Which one you prefer reading, however, is up to you. So let me revise my title to: eBooks or Paper Books?

It’s a hot topic. It’s been covered so much lately, I probably shouldn’t waste a blog on it. But I need to talk about it. Reading is such a large part of my life. I can’t sleep unless I read before bed. So, what’s my opinion? Well, I am the proud owner of an iPad. (First generation, thank you.)

Reading-wise, the best thing about an iPad verses, say. . . a Kindle is that I can have a Kindle app on my iPad. In fact, I do have the Kindle app. Plus, I have an iBook, Nook, Bookman and Stanza app. (I also have a Borders… soon to be deleted).

Needless to say, when my lovely family presented me with an iPad last Christmas, I was thrilled. I immediately downloaded a book and began reading. Ironically, I downloaded it on my Kindle app. Outlanders by Diana Gabaldon.

First eBook Experience

 On The Down Side

  1. Reading on the iPad after working on the computer all day hurt my eyes. Not good!
  2. I found Outlanders good, but not great. What’s that got to do with eBooks vs. Paper books? In Paper Book format, if I’m getting frustrated with a book, I have a physical sense of how much more reading I’ll have to do to get through it. This gives me a sense of whether I want to hang in or not. In eBook format, I have no concrete idea how much longer the darn book is. Even if I make the font exactly the same size as a Paper Book, I still can’t physically judge how much longer it is.  I think it makes the book seem longer.
  3. This comment is specific to the iPad: It is soooooo easy to get distracted on an iPad.

On The Up Side

  1. I loved being able to touch a word and get a definition.  
  2. I found the iPad comfortable to hold.
  3. It also fit nicely in my purse.

Given those comments, you’d think I’d be a total Paper Book person. Well, that was 10 months ago. This is now.

eBook Experience 10 Months Later….

On The Up Side

  1. Bought a non-glare cover for my screen. Eyestrain is no longer a problem.
  2. Having a self-lit book is awesome. Especially nice when traveling. Hotels don’t have nice reading lights like our bedroom, but with my eBook I can turn off all the lights, let my hubby go to sleep, and still read my book.
  3. Paper books feel so heavy and cumbersome now.
  4. I just finished reading The Last Werewolf in hardback. It had soooo many words I needed to look up. I glossed right over them. If I can’t tap on a word and get a definition—forget it.
  5. Highlighting! Sure I can highlight favorite passages in a Paper Book—but can I find them again? My eBook indexes my highlighted passages for easy reference later.
  6. I can do a search for words in my eBook.

On The Down Side

1. It is still soooooo easy to get distracted on an iPad.

See—I’m getting better!

How ‘bout it. What’s your opinion? eBook or Paper Book? I still like them both… but I’m leaning toward eBooks.


8 thoughts on “eBooks or Real Books?

  1. GMR says:

    I love a good “classic”, so paper books are the way to go for me. There’s something about the reading experience that is just…more. Grant it, I have an ereader (Sony pocket edition..in pink…^_^) that was given to me as a Christmas present a few years back. I don’t hate it, and it gets used …but I find it takes me longer to get through a book (also the issue you mentioned with “how much more IS there”), I don’t always retain as much, and frankly after being plugged in all day it’s NICE to unplug. So ebooks, okey dokey…paper books = LOVE! ^_^ (but to each their own…there’s enough room in the world for both, you know?)


    • Lorijo Metz says:

      I agree. There is enough room in the world for both. I’m actually reading a book by Clive Barker right now which I absolutely had to own in hardcover. I plan to talk about why this is in my next “What’s on my bookshelf” post.


  2. diamondpublicationz says:

    Great article! Me personally have to read a physical book. It’s something about curling up on my couch and having that book in my hand. If I had a e-Reader, Kindle, etc I would be like you with my eyes getting tired; I’m already on my laptop all day I don’t want to relax at the end of the day looking at another computer screen.


    • Lorijo Metz says:

      I agree; however, with a good nonglare screen I’ve found my eyes don’t get anymore tired reading an ebook than a regular book. And, I’ve gotten used to curling up with my iPad, which can be a lot more comfortable to hold than some books. Basically, I’ve become used to both now and as long as I have something good to read, I’m happy!


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