The Last Werewolf (Part 2 review)

I admit, I’m one of those readers who gets about ten pages into a book, and then flips to the last page to read the ending. I realize this must say something negative about me psychologically, but I can’t help myself— and I don’t want to!

That said, when the urge arrived while reading The Last Werewolf, I couldn’t flip to the ending. I didn’t want to know. It took me awhile to figure out why. I finally realized I didn’t want to know because I didn’t have a clue how it was going to end. I usually have a clue, and because I have a clue, I need to see if I’m right…especially if I’m worried that it’s not going to turn out well. But I really had no idea where The Last Werewolf was going.

Taken out of context, that last sentence would certainly sound negative. I didn’t mean it to be. It is a rare writer who can create enough mystery to drive the plot and yet, give little hint as to the outcome. Duncan knew exactly what he was doing. Just one more page, the reader thinks, and the options will become clear. Then it’s simply a matter of which plot will win out. But not so, dear reader, because Duncan very artfully throws in a twist here, a surprise there, and it’s all a reader can do to put the book down, stop reading, and go to sleep. Just one more page, one more. . .

True, Duncan’s style can sometimes feel verbose, his descriptions a bit thick with imagination, and sometimes too graphic (for my taste, anyway. Yet, it is a novel about a werewolf, after all. Passion and blood are a given.). While I might have slipped over some of the descriptions, I could hardly wait to find out what was going to happen next to Jake Marlowe (a.k.a. The last werewolf).

If you like mystery, fantasy, a little horror and. . . Well, given my delight in letting this story unfold, that’s all I’m going to say. Read The Last Werewolf. Have fun. And keep your eyes pealed for the sequel. (There has to be one.)

Next up on my bookshelf, Abarat: Absolute Midnight by Clive Barker. Book three in The Books of Abarat series and one I’ve put off reading because I don’t want it to be over.  I’m going to take my time. I’m going to savor it. . .so it may be a few weeks before I write my next review. Until then, Happy Reading!

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(Yes, there really is a soundtrack!)

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