Return Of The Wandering Blogger

In case you missed me—I’m back. My last post was May 31st, and then I virtually disappeared. But, as I said, I’m back. I’m back for all the right reasons. And, I’m back for the blogging long haul. However, I feel I owe those who signed up to follow me a reason for my disappearance… so, I’ve thought up a few. Here they are:

  1. My dog ate my laptop.
  2. My dog peed on my laptop.
  3. I threw out my dog and the laptop.
  4. Abducted by aliens. (me, not the dog.)

    Look what they did to my hair!

  5. And finally… While adding the last period to my last post, I suffered a post traumatic posterior pain. A pain I postulate had something to do with a previous posterior puncture that made posturing before my PC (okay, my MacBook Pro) profoundly painful.

Enough! The truth is I started this blog because I wanted to blog, but I wasn’t sure what I was going to blog about. Hence, the title: Searching 4 Meaning. Perhaps I should have entitled it, Searching for a Subject?

By the end of May, I began thinking I wanted to make my blog more specific. I planned, in fact, to start a blog centered around science fiction writing. Also, as many parents will undoubtedly empathize with, summer was here and the kids were home from school. Does anyone else work at home? Do you feel my pain! I don’t care how old your kids are (and mine technically aren’t even kids anymore), when the kids come home, your time becomes their time.

In summary: I wasn’t sure if Searching 4 Meaning was the direction I wanted to go in anymore, and as my time was limited for the next few months, I took some time off to find myself—or rather, my cyber self.

What did I find? I discovered that, indeed, I will probably always be searching 4 meaning and so that title works perfectly. I do love Sci-Fi, and in the next few months look for exciting news regarding the eBook release of my new science fiction novel. On the other hand, somehow I always end up writing picture book ditties; and on that note, have even more exciting news about one that has been put to music by none other than award-winning children’s songwriter, Owen Duggan. More about both in future posts.

For now, I’m so happy to be back pondering the unlimited ponderables of the universe. Look for a new ponder each Thursday! (Yes, I know, ponder is not a noun, but in MY universe, it is!)

P.S. Check out my new page: What’s On My Bookshelf


6 thoughts on “Return Of The Wandering Blogger

  1. Kathy B. says:

    I’ve missed your posts! I thought maybe I’d been put on the X-list – meaning I was no longer able to receive the posts. Glad to hear from you again – and see you soon!


  2. Steven says:

    It is good to read that your space travels (inner space) have brought you back to us. We have been waiting to take SciFi adventures with you–we missed you. In your absence I have traveled to several new planets in the Luebock System, seeing, smelling, tasting experiences nothing like I had ever before. While on planet Thesalon, I was treated to a drink that reminded me of an Abbey Ale I once tasted but the experience that followed was, hard to describe. I will work at trying to say more in the future but for now it is safe to say, I would try it again.


    • Lorijo Metz says:

      Thanks Steven and to all who welcomed me back. And to those who didn’t… ah well, I’m back anyway. I hear the swedish meatballs (vegetarian, of course) are excellent on Thesalon. Will have to try the them next time you go through!


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