The End Of Days…Again!

Did I miss this?

If you haven’t heard, this Saturday, May 21st, the world is ending.


Okay, so I don’t totally buy into this. And, if it is true, there’s nothing I can do about it. However, after listening to the latest round of predictions, (Check out this link if you need to know more: End Of Days) it got me thinking about what I would do if I knew I only had one more day to live.

One day.

One lousy one day!

Think about it. That’s a lot different from six months or a year—a length of time I’m sure, like me, you’ve pondered at least once in your life imagining what it would be like to contract some deadly disease.

Or maybe you haven’t. Maybe that’s just me? Ah well…

Anyway, given a year to live, you’d probably come up with a list of things to do and a bunch of people to do them with. However, given only a day—one lousy day—forget the To Do list. With one day the only thing that would count, for me anyway, is who I would spend it with. (Sure, I know it should be whom…but with only one day left, I’m not worrying about grammar.)

Looks like he won't be spending it with Maria.

So here’s the question I leave you to ponder: If you knew you only had one day to live, who is the one (and only one) person you’d spend it with? The reason I leave you with only one person is that I think it’s significant, or at least telling, to narrow it down to the one person who is probably the most important person in your life. We’d all love to be surrounded by our parents, extended family and friends—but if you could choose only one person, who would it be?

Think about it!


2 thoughts on “The End Of Days…Again!

  1. Bridget Kuhne says:

    I would not change a thing. I follow my heart in doing what I do. We are never promised tomorrow, we are not promised the next hour, or even the next minute.
    This “the world’s going to end on May 21st” is news to me, I just found out on facebook. When the time comes for the world to end, or my life to end, I will have spent that last day or hour of my life with whoever is with me at that moment. I have learned to apply “be where you are” to my life. Meaning, put your heart into whatever you are doing in that moment, with whomever you are with at that moment. Quality time, undivided attention time; putting 100 percent of me into every moment of my life. I will not regret times past of not doing something I have wanted to do, or not being with someone I wanted to be with. I know God’s word says our hearts condemn us, but He is greater than our hearts and knows all things. If I didn’t know God the way I do today and I found out I had only so much time to live, I would be beside myself trying to “make up” lost time with those in my family, close friends; I’d be thinking of what places to see that I have always wanted to see. I would be stir crazy with fear and worry; that in itself would kill me. But if I was on the Titanic and had to wait for my last breath as the ship sank, I would grab ahold of my husband to be with him in my last hour.


    • LJ Metz says:

      Best comment EVER hands down! This should have been the blog post! Thanks Bridget. And just for the record… If I had to pick, I’d pick my husband too. 🙂


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