I Know I’m Not The First To Think This!

I can see why they roped it off. A handprint would totally ruin this!

I can see why they roped it off. A handprint would totally ruin this!

Before anyone else has a chance, let me state for the record: I don’t get it. I don’t understand it. In fact, even if I did understand it, well… I still probably wouldn’t appreciate it. Sorry.


A few summers ago, for Father’s Day, my dad and I visited the local art museum. Other than a few art appreciation courses taken during my college days, I know little about art. However, I’m not completely devoid of taste and a day spent wandering an art museum is a day, in my humble opinion, well spent.

My dad and I strolled through the art museum enjoying everything from Picasso and Gris, to Monet and Degas. Then we strolled into a room that, come to think of it, left a bigger impression on me than all the others combined. It was a room full of white on white paintings.

I think I like the middle one best.

I think I like the middle one best.

I don’t remember the artist, nor would I name him or her if I did. All I can say is that I stood there thinking (as I’m sure have thousands of people before and after me), I could do this.

Hence, my question to you, dear readers: How in the world does a plain white canvas rate as art worthy of being hung in a museum? (And if I write a novel without words (or pictures) will they publish it?)

Is somebody out there knowledgeable?

Is there a mysterious white painting technique about which I’m clueless?

Fill me in.

   Let me know.

     Think of my blog as a blank white canvas awaiting your reply!   


13 thoughts on “I Know I’m Not The First To Think This!

    • Christina says:

      Oh, yeah, I get it…..the Creative White Light…..from which the Big Bang exploded!! Ha…Ha….

      or all colors come from and go back to the White…..

      I wonder how much the artist got paid for that? How about all Black canvas? Symbol of all Dark Matter or Dark Energy? See how creative the mind is……can come up with some idea about anything or even nothing!


  1. denisedthornton says:

    I think this artist achieved his goal. He’s got you thinking. What possible application of paint could have got you to react so intensely?
    As a general rule, I prefer to look at something more representative. I recently visited the new modern wing at the Art Institute of Chicago and didn’t like much of what I saw, but art is more than a reproduction of an image. It’s a statement, and ideally it opens a conversation.
    Case in point.


  2. Bridget Kuhne says:

    Well, it looks as though there is not a name, or some sign identifying the artist; possibly it was hung to fill the space until future art can be placed there. What is amazing, like the young fellow in the photo, one can stare at it for a long time to try and figure out some kind of reasoning to the plain white canvases; and like you saying… hmmm. I can do that…
    So, the whole room had white canvases in it, were they all the same size, and was there an artist’s name displayed? Surely you would think the artist had a reason behind his/her creation and would have posted it near their art.
    Question… have you tried to Google it?


    • LJ Metz says:

      Have seen a white on white exhibit in a few museums. I’m absolutely sure the artist had a reason. Perhaps, as Denise said, and as we’ve shown here, to simply get us thinking. Art that stretches the limits often doesn’t seem like art; however, i believe, it often inspires us to think out of the box. Then again, maybe the artist was just trying to play one magnificent joke. 🙂


  3. Frank says:

    LOL…bringing back all sorts of college memories.
    Sounds like 60’s Minimalism meets the Conceptual Art Movement from the 70’s — (the creative conceptual part was the most important, not the actual execution — in this case the artist might have skipped from concept to the installation) and it would be hard to get more minimalist than primed canvas. As the Bauhaus taught, “less is more.”


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