Surrender To Something Better

Nope, Not Me!

When I turned 30-years-old, I surrendered to the fact that I was never going to have the body of a super model. No matter how much I exercised, or how little I ate, at my lowest possible weight, I would still have big hips. Ironically, that’s when I started to like how I look.

Some of you may call this acceptance, and you wouldn’t be totally wrong. However, I believe there are times we can simply accept that things or situations or people will not change, and in accepting, choose not to fight, while there are other times when we must absolutely give up one way of thinking in order to move on to another.

Hence, I went from believing I wasn’t attractive, to believing I was.

Today was one of those days that began with my mind whirling with worry and only got worse as the day progressed. There is a situation I’m having an incredibly tough time accepting. As a result, I’ve found myself spending an enormous amount of time and mental energy imagining different ways to fix this situation, which, based on everyone I’ve talked to, is unfixable.

I was expending just such energy, rather than making headway on my novel, when I decided to accept the fact that I wasn’t going to be productive sitting in front of the computer, and so instead, should take my dog for a walk. At least there, in the open air, the likelihood of clearing my mind was greater.

As I walked, my mind whirled. My novel, my blog post… all were at a stall because of this situation. Worse yet, reason as I might, no matter how many scenarios I imagined—I found myself no closer to an answer, or what’s more, a feeling of peace. That’s when it hit me: if the situation was truly unfixable, I could surrender.

And just like that, the tension I’d been carrying all day disappeared. (Not to mention I had idea for my blog post!) The situation wasn’t solved, but I no longer had to worry about fixing it. Maybe it was acceptance—but somehow, it felt like much more.

Throughout my life, whenever I’d hear people talk about surrendering to God’s will, it had a negative connotation for me. The fact is, people usually talk about surrendering to God’s will when things are going so bad there really is nothing else they can do. What I didn’t realize is that surrendering to the way things are allows us to move on to other things—better things!

Is there something you need to surrender to today?


6 thoughts on “Surrender To Something Better

  1. tina p schwartz says:

    I love your blog! It always says just the right thing at the right time… Sometimes you have to surrender your worries and accept that “tomorrow is another day” and start fresh in the morning. Thanks, as always, for the words of wisdom! Tina P.


  2. Bridget Kuhne says:

    I truely believe that God’s will is for us to always move forward. We are to have faith, and that faith involves action. There is always room for improvement in anything we do. Sometimes when we are stuck, or stumped, or feel we can not move forward then we need to give it a rest that which we are struggling with. Like doing a Suduko, I often have to lay it down when I feel I can’t do anymore; yet days later I will go back to it and can complete the puzzle, or like walking your dog. Giving up is not an option when your heart is in whatever it is you are trying to do, just know and believe it can be accomplished. When it involves others and you have used every possible scenario to try to change the situation then for peace of mind acceptance or surrendering to it might be the way to go.
    Most people, especially parents like myself would like to have control over their children’s decisions, we want and believe we know what is best for them. Though they grow to have a mind of their own. As much as we would like to direct their lives they usually take their own path. Saying that, I myself have surrendered to the fact that my own boys will not always follow my direction and advice. But those things which I have control over, my thoughts, my actions, my words, I will continue pursuing what is in my heart and that is to always pour into them and believe that God’s will will be done. That is where I find peace. Because of my trust in God I have that faith that He is in control of the situation. When we have that kind of faith we have to trust that which we cannot see. Worrying never gets us anywhere, like you said your writing came to a standstill because of this situation in your life; then the revelation hit you that the situation was out of your hands and with that thought, you found peace.
    I have learned to face every situation, do all that I know to do and let God do the rest.
    Again…great post…
    I would like to know what is written on your foot…is that your foot in the photo? Oh, and Barbie…she is one of a kind don’t you know…ha ha … we could never mirror her image.


    • LJ Metz says:

      Great response! And yes, with kids I too find it hardest to “Let go and let God”, as they say. The foot is not mine, but it says: Serenity, Courage, Wisdom (Strange, I think I have the same color nail polish on my toes though)


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