Saturday Sharing: I Want To Be Like Olga!

Are you afraid of growing old? If you’re not, then you’re probably too young to worry about it yet. For the rest of us, especially those who have witnessed once active grandparents or parents struggle through the frustrations of aging: loss of mobility, cognitive difficulties and probably most frustrating of all, loss of a sense of purpose—I’m sharing a story that will uplift and hopefully leave you a bit more positive about your future.

Olga Kotelko began competing in track and field 14 years ago. Among other things, she competes in sprints, long jump, high jump and hammer throw. She holds several world records and has over 600 gold medals.

Olga is 91-years-old!


Which means she began competing when she was 77-years-old!

While her physical accomplishment is amazing, what’s most significant to me is that at an age when many of us would be content to coast on past accomplishments, she found new purpose and passion for life.

I want to be like Olga!


4 thoughts on “Saturday Sharing: I Want To Be Like Olga!

  1. Bridget Kuhne says:

    What an inspiring post. I received an e-mail yesterday of an elderly woman, guessing in her 90’s; she may even be the same woman, not sure. She was on her back doing leg lifts with dumbells placed on the top of her feet, one also with her doing the splits. She was dressed in a tank top and pink bikini panties With that thought in mind she may be the woman on a greeting card with her leg stretched up on a pole as if doing the splits standing up.
    As that saying goes “mind over matter”, if we have the mindset to persue then we can achieve no matter at what age.
    Love your blogs… B.


  2. says:

    I’ve bookmarked at so my friends can see it too. I used Saturday Sharing: I Want To Be Like Olga! | Searching 4 Meaning so it was a good title.


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