Saturday Sharing: First Ever, Give A Little Love Contest!

Today I’m gonna share a little dose of love with my readers. Everyone who comments on today’s blog will be entered in my first ever Give A Little Love contest.

Why am I feeling so generous? Read on….

Recently, I signed up for an email newsletter that promotes itself as “a FREE daily e-multivitamin for your soul!” The Daily Love truly is a positive pick-me-up for the soul full of affirmations, positive quotes and articles about people trying to make a positive impact on our world.

One such person is singer/songwriter/actress Caitlin Crosby. Caitlin started a business based around an inspiring line of jewelry. What’s more, she hired a homeless couple to run her business, providing them with enough income to get off the streets and even begin taking the necessary steps to return to school. But I’ll let Caitlin explain it:

How can I not help Caitlin’s cause? That’s where my Give A Little Love contest comes in. At the end of today, I’ll put everyone’s name that posts to this blog into a hat and then pick a winner. The prize is one of Caitlin’s keys. I’ll let fate determine who needs the key most. Remember though, “…you must give it away at some point, to a person who you feel needs the message that’s on your key.”

In the meantime, check out Caitlin’s and her friend, Brie Larson’s website: More important, if you know a teenage girl, make sure she checks it out too! Also, enjoy Caitlin’s inspiring and fun music video. I love her music!

Have a great Saturday and don’t forget to comment!

P.S. Want to purchase your own necklace and help Caitlin’s cause? Go to:


9 thoughts on “Saturday Sharing: First Ever, Give A Little Love Contest!

  1. Kathy Bostrom says:

    Lori, what a wonderful idea and story! Two of my kids live around the corner from Hollywood Blvd., I’ll have to let them know to keep a watch out for the keys. A few years ago, I taught a Bible Study at church using the theme of opening doors, and the key was one of our symbols, so it has special meaning to a lot of the ladies in our congregation. I love the idea of passing along a key to someone who needs that personal lift or message. . . and then passing it along to someone else. I usually do that with angels on our women’s retreat – will use the key this year (Retreat is in April). I’ll do what I can to get the message out about these keys. There are so many people in our church right now suffering from critical illness – lots of cancers especially – so we all need a message of faith and hope. Thanks so much for inspiring me today!


    • tina p schwartz says:

      I love this story! What an inspiring idea. The “pass it on” approach will take off like wildfire! I’m in. I’ve posted it on my Facebook page, and can’t wait to hear of it going viral! Happy writing. Love the blog… keep ’em coming!
      🙂 Tina P.


    • LJ Metz says:

      Thanks Kathy and Tina,
      It’s Caitlin’s (and her friend’s) idea and, I agree, it’s a good one. Just trying to help them along. I sound ancient saying this, but I love seeing young people promote positive messages. Come to think of it, I love seeing people of any age do this!


  2. T-Metz says:

    Pay it ahead forward (is that redundant). There is no better attitude in life, and when possible, it should be anonymous. In other words, not only should we perform kind acts (random, planned, or otherwise) but ideally, we should help someone who does not know who is helping them—true, unconditional love.


  3. Kellie says:

    I LOVE this idea! Thanks so much for sharing:) I’m going to “pay it forward” and spread the word as well. And ditto Tina’s comment…LOVE the blog! I look forward to reading them daily;)


  4. Kathleen says:

    Now this is why I need a computer! It is a great idea to pay it forward & share with other beings! We always get more back than we give. It’s easy to forget this in our hectic world! Thanks for the reminder, Lorijo!


  5. LJ Metz says:

    Thanks Kathleen! Well, the contest is officially over. I’ve placed the order and now all I have to do is draw the name. I’ll announce the winner later today.


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