Saturday Sharing: News That Inspires

Today, I’m sharing an article passed along to me by another one of my favorite websites: DailyGood, News that Inspires.

The truth is bad news sells, which is why standard news sources focus on tragedy and human suffering. Nevertheless, there is a greater truth: the majority of human beings are good! What’s more, there are far more good things happening in the world, than bad.

Think about the small acts of kindness you witness every day. Friends helping friends, families coming through for each other (regardless of their differences), strangers sending money to victims of natural disasters half way around the world. Face it, all you pessimists, the good really does outweigh the bad. And the DailyGood passes along stories and links that help remind us of this.

I highly recommend you subscribe to their daily email newsletter. Even hardcore optimists will be amazed, like I was, at how much good is going on in our world.

Check out the following story (by clicking on the picture) to be uplifted, amazed and inspired.


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