Where Have All The Daleys Gone!

This is not about politics. It’s about change. We may pride ourselves on free will and the ability to “think”, but when it comes to our habits, we’re just like all the other animals on the planet—we hate change!

So, is it any surprise that this morning I woke up palms sweating, heart palpitating; and frankly, slightly depressed.

It’s Election Day! And for the first time in two decades, there’s no Daley on the ballot!

I’ve been dreading this day for months. Every time I heard another poser, imposter, Chicago-Mayor-wannabe interviewed on NPR (no matter how wonderful their ideas for rejuvenating Chicago sounded); every time I saw another calculated, political pitch on TV—I just wanted to scream, “Where have all the Daleys gone?”

If two decades isn’t enough time to become ingrained in a habit, add this to the ticket: I’ve lived in Illinois my entire life, seven of those in Chicago; and in all that time, only twelve years were spent with a non-Daley Mayor in office. While those years stand out for having had the first black mayor and first female major of Chicago, I’m sorry, but I was honestly relieved when Richard M. took his rightful place on the throne…uhhh, I mean, in office.

I know many of you think I’m nuts. Several of you have been singing Ding Dong the Daley Machine is Dead for months now. Heck, if Daley hadn’t decided not to run again, a few of you would have opened up a Facebook page, started a protest and demanded he leave office (It does seem to be in-thing nowadays).

Sigh… ah well. Change is good. Change is good. Did I hear someone say Patrick? As in, Patrick Daley? Change is good. Change is good. Then again…


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