Excuse Me–How Many Ways?!

An egg in an egg cup in the little-endian orie...

One little egg – So many ways

I had planned to blog about a truly universe size pondering today. As I am posting rather late in the day, however, and I’m going to want feedback on that particular post, I’ve decided to blog about something rather insignificant. And yet, it still kind of blows my mind away.

As an admitted control freak, I learned early on to express gratitude for the chores my spouse did around the house, even if he didn’t execute them exactly the way I would. For example, I am surprised in more ways than one when he puts away the clean dishes from the dishwasher (i.e. I am surprised where I find them—or rather, where I don’t find them.)

The point is, you learn that your way is not the only way (unless you’re a dictator). So the other day I was sitting with my friends at my favorite coffee shop and for some reason we began discussing hard-boiled eggs. Imagine my surprise when we ended up in a heated discussion on how to hard-boil an egg! I honestly thought, much like boiling water, that there was only one way. And yet, between the five of us, there were at
least four different methods. Methods we all swore were foolproof! Maybe I’m just naïve. (Maybe I am a dictator?) But according to the following link there are at least seven different ways to hard-boil an egg: http://senselist.com/2006/08/29/seven-ways-to-hard-boil-eggs/

Take your pick!

Did I foolishly say there was only one way to boil water? Guess again! I just googled How many ways are there to boil water and came up with 411,000 results. Which doesn’t mean, of course, that there are 411,000 different ways to boil water, just that many links that actually talk about it. Even that blows me away!

411,000 links!

Does anyone REALLY need to google how to boil water? One link claims to teach you seven different ways. Really? REALLY! Do we need seven different ways to boil water?!

(Taking a deep breath–and another one!)

Anyway…ponder that for a while.


6 thoughts on “Excuse Me–How Many Ways?!

  1. Dasher says:

    At the same time you all were discussing hard-boiled eggs, I was actually preparing them (late morning yesterday). Water at light boil, add eggs, simmer for 15 minutes, run cold water over them for a minute.
    Egg salad for lunch, and leftovers this morning for breakfast.


    • Searcher says:

      Wow, I do it totally different. Place eggs in cold water, bring to boil, turn off burner, cover, let sit for 22 minutes, rinse with cold water. Larry has some 7 minute routine he swears by!


  2. zenmamajo says:

    this title could have read “egg-cuse me…” hahaha egg-cellent blog :o) my boiled egg recipe is similar to yours but i only let it set for 12 minutes then rinse…unless i get distracted with the kids then who knows how long it’ll sit!


  3. FASTInstructor says:

    The seven ways to boil water include (these techniques are known as moist heat cooking) boiling, steaming, stewing, braising, blanching, scalding and poaching. What is the difference between a poached egg and a basted egg?


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