Social Networking or Stalking?

First it was email, then my website, then Facebook, Twitter and now blogging. I’m a solitary person. I studied acting, but I love writing because it allows me to be creative and alone.

Or does it?

  • I see you!

    Or should I describe it as spying with a high-powered, rose-colored lens, for it’s like reality TV—except exactly the opposite. Reality TV draws us in by showing us the worst, while on Facebook we are privy to only the best of our friend’s lives. It’s like receiving the proverbial Christmas letter, only every single day! Don’t agree with me, check this out:, look what they’re doing!

  • Oh, looks like they’re on vacation again.
  • Isn’t that cute, they got a new dog!

The generation that grew up on Facebook and MySpace may have a little different take on this. Maybe I’m wrong, but while baby boomers would never think of publicizing a fight with their spouse on Facebook, today’s tweens, teens, and twenty-somethings tweet or update their Facebook status five minutes after they’ve slammed the door. My daughter knew about my son’s breakup before I did. How? She read about it on Facebook. When I called my son, he told me he didn’t want to talk about it.

And yet he did want to announce it on Facebook?

When my daughter broke up with her boyfriend she called me right away. She sounded so distraught I couldn’t believe it when my son texted me the next day and asked how she was doing? So even though she was distraught, she found time to announce the breakup on Facebook.

I hid in my room for a week after I broke up with my first boyfriend. I didn’t want anyone to know.

So now you know the real reason I joined Facebook, to keep up with my kid’s lives. My husband is on Facebook too. I keep checking to see if he’s still in a relationship. Oh, and my friends all have perfect lives. Does this depress me? Well, at least I can blog about it.

How has social networking changed your life? Tell me your tales.


2 thoughts on “Social Networking or Stalking?

  1. Greever Williams says:

    Great post Lorijo! I am not sure I would say that Social Media has changed my life, but perhaps that is because I refuse to let it! I have seen many of the horrifying tales of stupidity that have occurred via social media. Perhaps they didn’t occur BECAUSE of social media but social media certainly made it easier to be an idiot. That being said, I also believe that there are many benefits to social media as well. Personally speaking, it has enabled me to connect with new people, literally across the globe. It has broaden my perspectives, enabled me to do more effective and efficient research and even introduced me to some awesome new music. As writers, I think it gives us a great way to interact – with readers, writers, publishers and the general literary community. With just a little bit of effort (you get what you give I suppose), you can make powerful connections. That being said, I do draw a very distinct line between public me and private me. I do not post pictures of my kids on my author site. That’s just stupid…and creepy. On the other hand, I don’t bombard my real-life friends with updates about my WIP, because, well frankly they probably don’t care…but my readers and writing family probably do! Perhaps if you worked at segmenting your social media presence (with private you remaining private) and writer you exploring connections and new social media tools, you’d get a better comfort level with the tools and their value? I hope this helps!


    • Lorijo Metz says:

      All good advice. I actually have started separating work from personal (this post is little old) and it is much nicer. My facebook page is different from my facebook profile. It’s nice to be able to post writing stuff on one and personal stuff on the other. Like you, I love connecting with other writers via social media…especially writers in my genre.:) Anyway, thanks your wonderful response. I look forward to checking out your website.


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